Technology Platform

Integrated drug discovery and early evaluation platform based on chemical genetics

The process of creating new chemical drugs is very difficult and complicated, including the basic research and confirmation of therapeutic targets, the establishment of biological models and methodologies for in vivo and in vitro screening of lead compounds, the relationship between pharmacokinetic characteristics and targets, the possible differences between pre-clinical safety evaluation and the human body, and whether animal pathological models reflect the etiology of human body diseases, etc. These make the whole process of drug research and development extremely long and full of risks. Most lead compounds are eliminated in the later stage of research and development due to unsatisfactory drug efficacy or excessively large toxic and side effects, or no obvious advantages and improvements, when compared with listed drugs. Therefore, how can we establish a rapid and effective early comprehensive evaluation system to discover and predict the potential safety and possible clinical effectiveness of bioactive lead compounds as soon as possible? How can scientists and managers of new drug research and development make scientifically based decisions as soon as possible, and what kind of lead compounds can be used to minimize the risk of new drug development before and after clinical trials? It is a major challenge in the field of international new drug research and development.

CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES is the first in the world to build an integrated drug innovation and early evaluation system based on chemical genetics. Using a large number of known gene expression data and their functional significance analysis, chemical genetics technology evaluates and predicts the possible molecular pharmacology and toxicology of new compounds through parallel research on the influence of various known compounds (good drugs or failed drugs) and any new compounds on the whole gene expression, continuously optimizes the structure of candidate compounds, and leads the lead compound with the best comprehensive evaluation index to enter the next stage of development, thereby having important value in reducing the risk of new drug development, which is also the critical path initiative advocated by the US FDA, in order to promote the success rate of innovative drug development (as shown in the figure).

The platform system highly embodies the core competitiveness of CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES, and provides strong technical support for improving the capability of sustained independent innovation in drug research and development, exploring a new drug research and development internationalization path suitable for national conditions and national strength.