Research and Development Center

We adopt a three-pronged strategy in innovative pharmaceutical development,based on our early research and development
clinical research and development system, as well as product development and production system (including Shenzhen Center and Chengdu Center)
This approach allows effective resource sharing and complementary advantages for scientific research and project development.
As the research and development of new drugs involves multi-disciplinary collaboration
members of the R&D team at Chipscreen Biosciences hail from professional/cross-disciplinary backgrounds in medicine,
pharmacy, chemistry, and biology. Our core R&D management team is made up of professionals who have obtained degrees in the United States,
as well as those with extensive experience in pharmaceutical R&D and management in China.
With a wealth of management and R&D experience in international pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies, our core members are familiar with the technical regulations and patent strategies in global drug management.
Our senior R&D team boasts of expertise in the fields of target validation, exploratory research, molecular simulation and design, high-throughput screening, high-content screening, biomarkers and translational medicine, in addition to core capabilities such as early screening and evaluation of new drugs,
clinical research and development, lab-to-market studies, pilot testing, quality control, and production. The combination of a talented team, technology, and R&D management system gives us confidence in innovative drug development.


Chipscreen Biosciences is specialized in developing new molecular entities with remarkable clinical efficacy and international patent protection against major human diseases, so as to satisfy unmet clinical needs. Currently, with a whole product life-cycle management in three aspects (development of original drugs, fast-tracking, and redevelopment of marketed products), we are making unremitting efforts to continuously extend and enrich our product pipeline in five major disease groups, namely tumors, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, central nervous diseases, and antiviral therapy. Moving forward, we will continue advancing our global development and strategic deployment, and develop more therapeutic drugs with innovative mechanisms to meet clinical needs.

Intellectual Property