Half-Hour Economy China's New Economic Coordinates: Original Innovative Drugs Made in China

October 26,2017

Source: CCTV.com    

People with good health is an important symbol of national prosperity and strength, health is a starting point of happiness and resounding connotation for completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. This issue focuses on the treatment of cancer. Currently, cancer has become one of the major diseases that harm people's health. Not a few cases of cancer at middle and advanced stages lack effective treatment and patients are subject to short survival periods. However, things are changing in recent years. Some domestic pharmaceutical companies have developed a number of new anti-cancer drugs through independent innovation, casting a good news for patients afflicted by cancer.     


CCTV finance channel CCTV2 Half-Hour Economy - Original Innovative Drug Made in China reported Chipscreen Biosciences.

Video link: http://tv.cntv.cn/video/C10329/6e66a375cc4d4cf39926ce281382e3bd

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