Core Technologies

Chipscreen Biosciences took the lead in the world in constructing the core technology system of integrated drug innovation and early evaluation based on chemical genomics, which helped reduce huge risks related to clinical development and improved the efficiency and success rate of new drug development.


Therapeutic Areas

With the whole life-cycle management in three aspects (innovation, fast-tracking, and redevelopment of marketed products of both small-molecule compounds and large-molecule biological drugs), we are making unremitting efforts to continuously extend and enrich our product pipelines in five major disease areas, namely tumors, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, central nervous diseases, and viral diseases. Moving forward, we continue with our strategic deployment for global development, to develop more therapeutic drugs with innovative mechanisms to meet clinical needs.


Research & Early
Development Centers

Clinical Development System

Chemical, Manufacturing & Control (CMC)

Research & Development System


Product Lifecycle Management

Supported by the Group's whole-life quality management system and pharmacovigilance system, we can continuously meet the needs of patients and ensure their safety.