Good News! CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES Is Approved to Be Provincial Engineering Research Center

May 30,2018

Recently, the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province officially announced the list of Engineering Technology Research Centers in Guangdong Province. " Engineering Technology Research Center of Chemical Innovative Pharmaceutical " declared by CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES was successfully identified. Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center mainly focuses on the requirements of implementing innovation-driven development strategies in Guangdong Province, relying on innovative enterprises above scale, industrial enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes with scientific and technological strength in the industries and fields in the province. The aim is to further promote the construction of technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body and the combination of production, teaching and research, giving priority to supporting enterprises to jointly build with universities and scientific research institutions. CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES will actively respond to the call, thoroughly implement the spirit of the provincial innovation and development conference, enhance the technological innovation capability of enterprises, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and provide support for the development of China's innovative medicine industry.

The company’s research center has been recognized by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology as a result of high commendation of its research and development capabilities and innovations. In the future, CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES will continue to strengthen the center construction, increase investment in research and development, intensify innovation at the source, and make greater contributions to promote the upgrading of China's pharmaceutical industry and the development of innovative medicine.

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