Master core technology and make China's own innovative medicine - Dr. Lu Xianping, the chairman of CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES, won " 2017 China pharmaceutical development award for outstanding achiev

April 25,2018

On April 25, 2018, the 2017 China pharmaceutical development award ceremony was solemnly held in Beijing's Chinese Science and Technology Hall. Sang Guowei, the vice-chairman of the 11st Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the chief technical officer of the national " Major New Drug Discovery Project" accompanied with relevant political figures and experts in the pharmaceutical industry as well as representatives of entrepreneurs attended the conference. This award ceremony received timely follow-up reports from Xinhua News Agency, Science and Technology Daily, three major medical newspapers and internet media, which attracted the attention of many medical scholars.

The China pharmaceutical development award is the first batch of national pharmaceutical awards approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology to award scientific and technological figures. It has been successfully held for 13 times so far. In the 22 years since the award was established, the total number of winners has been 220, of which 18 are academicians. The award aims at rewarding scientific researchers who have made outstanding contributions or made significant scientific and technological achievements in the field of innovative drug research and development, promoting innovative drug research and development, revitalizing China's pharmaceutical industry, and catching up with the world's advanced level.

As a leader in China's innovative medicine field, Dr. Lu Xianping, the chairman of CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES, won the award of " outstanding achievement award for innovative medicine in China" this time, which shows the pharmaceutical industry's high recognition of microchip's achievements in original research and development in the past 17 years. The Organizing Committee delivered a speech to Dr. Lu: "Chidamide, developed and created by Dr. Lu and his team after 12 years of research and development, is a completely new molecular body (NME) independently designed by CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES. It fills the gap in the treatment of T-cell lymphoma in our country and provides Chinese patients with innovative mechanism drugs that are superior in efficacy, and safety, which are affordable. It has received support from the national 11st five-year plan ‘863’ molecular design project, ‘major new drug discovery’ and  ‘innovative drug incubation base’ and has been selected as a major achievement of major science and technology projects of the  Ministry of Science and Technology in the ‘11st five-year plan’. At the same time, Chidamide is also China's first original new drug that authorizes the use of patents in developed countries such as the United States. ”

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