Dr. Lu was invited to attend the first global forum of 30 Chinese scientists for innovation and transformation

April 12,2018

On April 9, 2018, the first global forum of 30 Chinese scientists for innovation and transformation and the "2018 Excellence and Innovation and Transformation Award for global Chinese scientists" press conference was successfully held in Shanghai's Eastern Suburb Hotel.

The forum is hosted by the Preparatory Committee of the global forum of 30 Chinese scientists for innovation and transformation, hosted by the CST global innovation and transformation cooperation center, and assisted by the BayHelix Association, the CCG global think tank, the Chinese bioengineering society's professional committee on precision medicine and concomitant diagnosis, and the innovation and entrepreneurship alliance of University enterprise of Chinese society for cell biology. The aim is to discuss how to enhance the influence and voice of Chinese scientists around the world, how to meet the global opportunities and challenges, and how to promote innovation and transformation breakthroughs in the field of biomedicine.

The forum was sponsored by ten people including Dong Zengjun, who is the visiting professor of Wuhan University's medical research institute and general manager of CST Asia Pacific, Chen Lieping, who is the professor of immunology, oncology and dermatology at Yale University's cancer center, Li Zihai, who is the head of department of microbiology and immunology and professor of oncology, and Lu Xianping, who is the chairman and general manager of CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES. 30 scientists and other representatives who are responsible in the field of global life sciences were invited to come together.

Dr. Lu focused his speech on " the pioneering road of China's original new drugs". He pointed out: " there are more than 7,000 pharmaceutical enterprises in China, the number of which is the highest in the world, the production capacity of preparations is the highest in the world, and the production capacity of crude drugs is the second in the world, but it lags behind in the research and development of original medicines. Our idea is to change the current situation of China's original new drug industry and to be the original Chinese drug used by the common people. " In 2001, CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES was founded in Shenzhen, specializing in the research and development of original small molecule drugs with the self-created " integrated drug discovery and early evaluation platform based on chemical genetics" as its core competitiveness, CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES has now become China's leading innovative drug enterprise. Forming a modern biomedicine group company with Shenzhen as its headquarters / research and development center / GMP production base, Chengdu regional headquarters / research and development center / GMP production base, Beijing clinical research center and Shanghai commercial center. At present, the company has formed several original new drug product lines for tumors, diabetes, endocrine and autoimmune diseases. In 2015, China's original anti-cancer new drug Chidamide with independent intellectual property rights was approved for listing by CFDA, marking the beginning of China's drug industry from " imitation" to " creation".

With the rapid growth of China's bio-pharmaceutical innovation and the attraction of the national pharmaceutical innovation policy, a large number of Chinese scientists have devoted themselves to the innovative pharmaceutical industry. They have the international level of technical strength and vision, who are familiar with the rules of the game in the international market, becoming the backbone of China's pharmaceutical innovation industry. We have plenty of reasons to believe that Chinese scientists, entrepreneurs and investors working together will gradually enhance and grasp the right to speak, find a breakthrough between innovation and transformation of achievements, and further improve our country's position in the world of biopharmaceuticals.

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