Dr. Lu, the president of CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES and the company, were honored with " 2017 Let Love Go Home Project"

January 03,2018

On December 31, 2017, the honor and public welfare performance of the " Thank Guangdong and Love Bashu", 2017 Let Love Go Home Project sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the project was held at the great century hall of Guangzhou Baiyun international conference center. Relevant provincial and municipal leaders, people from all walks of life of Bashu nationality, about 2,500 people from all major media and nearly 1 million online viewers witnessed the event. Fan Bin, the vice president of CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES, was invited to attend the event.

The purpose of this activity is to review, summarize, and commend the models, advanced representatives, caring enterprises, and caring organizations that have emerged over the past year. In the new era when the party's 19th national congress put forward the spirit of " giving full play to the role of social organization, building a common governance and sharing social governance pattern" and the important strategic thought of " accurate poverty alleviation", through the project all powerful and loving entrepreneurs from Sichuan and Chongqing and people with lofty ideals will continue to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, shape the new brand image of community organizations, eulogize the model of public welfare and charity, and promote the continuous progress of China's public welfare and charity undertakings!

Dr. Lu, the president of CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES, was honored as " Love Ambassador" while CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES was honored as " Love Enterprise".

After 16 years of development, CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES has become a leading enterprise of original Chinese new drugs with original new drugs as its core competitiveness, forming a modern biological medicine group with Shenzhen as its headquarters / research and development center / GMP production base, Chengdu research and development center and GMP production base, Beijing clinical research center and Shanghai commercial center. After the company's first original new drug Chidamide was listed on the market, CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES took the initiative to take on the corporate social responsibility and launched a follow-up free medication program and charity donation program for peripheral T-cell lymphoma patients. So far, nearly 1,000 patients have been assisted and the value of the aid drug exceeds 100 million RMB, realizing the company's original intention of transforming innovative scientific and technological achievements into benefits for Chinese patients!

Dr. Lu is the founder of CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES who is the vice chairman, president and chief scientific officer of Shenzhen CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES, the chairman of Chengdu Microchip Pharmaceutical Company and Shenzhen Microchip Pharmaceutical Company, the chairman of Chengdu Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen, and standing director of Sichuan University's global alumni entrepreneurs association and honorary chairman of biomedical association. Under the leadership of Dr. Lu, CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES has been adhering to the principle of " originality, safety, excellence and efficiency, Chinese" - dedicated to providing patients with affordable and innovative therapeutic drugs, which are a special commodity related to human life and should be based on science rather than political, religious and commercial interests. The above concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of every worker and runs through the work of employees. Since Chidamide went public in 2015, Dr. Lu has devoted more time and energy to charity. Through the Chidamide Charity Project, he hopes to help more poor patients with peripheral T lymphoma, which not only directly promotes the charity activities of the company, but also transforms the company's philosophy into action being the sublimation of the microchip spirit.

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