Several Media Outlets Including Guangming Online Reported Our Company as Representative of Pingshan Construction Innovation Drive

December 27,2016

Source: Guangming Daily

Recently, Guangming Daily published an article titled Shenzhen Pingshan: Innovation Drives Construction of Shenzhen “East Center”, in which our company was introduced as a representative enterprise with advanced science and technology. It thought highly of the company for its arduous development from initial start-up to industrialization and its self-developed innovative drug production line. This report was reprinted by several media outlets including Guangming online and Xinhua Net.

The original excerpt is as follows:


Around January 2017, Pingshan will be officially set as an administrative district. As the core area of Shenzhen's “Eastward Strategy”, Pingshan is about to embrace its “golden period” of development, and will become the “East Center” of Shenzhen and the third driving force for the development of the special zone. How to seize the historical opportunity to achieve "corner overtaking" is challenging? Pingshan takes strategic emerging industries as its mainstay and aims at three major industries: new energy, biomedicine and next-generation information technology, with prominent results yielded so far.


In Pingshan Chipscreen Biosciences Co., Ltd., the pharmaceutical production line is producing the pioneering targeted anti-cancer drug—chidamide. It is also the first self-developed innovative drug in China that authorized patented usage in developed countries including the United States.


"We have taken the lead in global terms in the field of cancer immunotherapy. The small-molecule drugs we developed have less toxic and side effects and are more targeted compared with the other two foreign drugs of the same kind." Said Li Zhibin, Vice President of Product Development of Chipscreen Biosciences. "At present, chiauranib, another new drug suitable for liver cancer, renal carcinoma, lung cancer and intestinal cancer, has entered Phase I clinical trial."


Unexpectedly, such a company with leading technology was “grabbed” by Pingshan New District when the company was “pennyless” in its pioneering years. In 2009, after learning about that an elite "returnees team" had made major breakthroughs in research, and was about to establish a factory to become industrialized, Xu Qin, the former Executive Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, immediately led relevant personnel to personally investigate and invite Chipscreen Biosciences to finally settle at Pingshan. "At that time, the company was already portraying the factory’s blueprint in Guangzhou, but the good service attitude and work efficiency of Shenzhen and Pingshan government deeply touched us." Li Zhibin said.


Forward planning, overall arrangement, target finding, and careful implementation, Pingshan New District has also introduced a series of policy support and ancillary construction covering innovation project incubation, talent introduction, results transformation, financial support and technology-oriented service system. It is said that during the period of "the 13th Five-Year Plan", Pingshan will focus on 150 major projects in fields of transportation, industry and people's livelihood, with a total investment of 602.7 billion yuan to improve regional investment environment. Predictably, a rising“East Center” of Shenzhen will be seen in Pingshan in coming years. 

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