"Top ten of innovated globalization companies" and "Top ten of mature globalization companies" in Shenzhen came out

June 22,2016

Source: Nanfang Daily


On the afternoon of June 22, Shenzhen Economic and Trade and Information Committee, Shenzhen Trade Promotion Committee and CSOFT jointly hosted the Chinese enterprise globalization innovation conference in Shenzhen. The 2016 Globalization-Research Report of Shenzhen 100, the first research report on Chinese enterprise globalization in Shenzhen, was released, and the two lists of "Top Ten Innovated Globalization Companies" and "Top Ten Mature Globalization Companies" in Shenzhen were released at the same time.


Reporters learned from the scene of the conference that Beiqingsong, Chaoduowei, Dajiang Innovation, Guangfeng Optoelectronics, Youbixuan, Huada Gene, Chipscreen Biosciences, Rouyu Technology, Guangqi and Keleitel were named as the "Top Ten Innovated Globalization Companies" in Shenzhen. Huawei, ZTE, Skyworth, Mindray, Hytera, Hepalink, BYD, Tencent, SF Express and Pulian were named as "Top Ten Mature Globalization Companies" in Shenzhen.


The 2016 Globalization - Research Report of Shenzhen 100 is the first professional research report that comprehensively samples and analyzes the dual indicators of Chinese enterprises' globalization maturity: hard data and soft data. It was found that the average score of globalization of 66 enterprises in Shenzhen was 270 points in 2016, which was just between the export mode and the regional mode, reflecting that the enterprises' current level of globalization maturity was in the process of changing from the export mode to the regional mode (transnational mode), and between the two.


It was understood that the research sample of the report came from 66 enterprises of different sizes selected from more than 500 enterprises in the four major industries of High-Tech, Health care, New energy/New material, and personal consumer goods and services (CGS) in Shenzhen. CSOFT had also specially developed a set of companies global maturity index system (CGMI), and obtained the scores and average scores of these 66 companies’ global maturity index (CGMI). Enterprises participating in this project were classified into four levels according to their maturity level, namely: ①local model (0-90) ②export model (97-270) ③regional model/transnational model (271-450) ④global model (>450).

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