2015 Sino-American innovation characters: innovators are not alone

September 22,2015

Source: Forbes China


This is the second time in the Chinese version of Forbes to release Sino-US innovation figures. "We are a handful of Chinese companies that can do world-class products and lead the world," Wang Tao said confidently, the founder of the Dajiang Innovation Group, who was interviewed last year. ”


This is consistent with our definition of innovative characters: achieve commercial success based on technology, where individuals play a decisive role; dramatically change or even subvert the industry; create new user groups; and be widely expected to produce next big thing. In 10 Chinese innovation entrepreneurs this year, four from the hardware manufacturing sector, three from the Internet sector (especially mobile internet), three respectively from finance, food and beverage, medicine.


Chipscreen Biosciences developed the first original chemical drug, "Chidamide ", which is used in the treatment of lymphatic cancer in China, approved by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and officially launched in March this year.


This is the first approved subtype selective histone decarboxylase oral inhibitor in the world, and it is the first new drug authorized for patent use in developed countries such as the United States. Lu Xianping, the founder of the company, has persisted for 14 years, only for a simple ideal: "invent a medicine to save lives." 


Every year, Forbes will launch the "Most Innovative Enterprise in the World" list. Chinese version of the Department of "Forbes" selected the founders of 10 companies as "Sino-US Innovation 10." The directions of entrepreneur innovation in both countries were different, and there were differences in depth and breadth. The two lists proved that innovators were not alone just as human stars shine.

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