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June 21,2015



China's original anti-cancer drug draws global attention for breaking foreign monopoly with the price 200,000 yuan off!

On May 22, 2015, a news item attracted the attention of the whole society. Chidamide, an original anti-cancer drug with independent intellectual property rights in China, was approved to be listed. This not only meant that our country had its own original new anti-cancer drug, but also it was a life-saving drug for many patients with advanced cancer.


Chidamide is the new anti-cancer drug developed by our country. The research and development unit is the company named Chipscreen Biosciences in Shenzhen. Lu Xianping, the director, is the doctor of molecular biology and tumor biology from Peking Union Medical College and the postdoctoral fellow from the Department of Pharmacology at the University of California.


In 2001, Lu Xianping, who came back from the United States, as well as five other doctors who came back from abroad, founded the company in Shenzhen. The goal of research and development was to find an anti-cancer drug. After ten years of research and development and hundreds of thousands of experiments, Lu Xianping and his team finally developed this original chemical new drug, Chidamide, which was used to specifically inhibit the spread and metastasis of tumor cells. The biggest function of this drug is to combat peripheral T-cell lymphoma, which is extremely easy to recur.


Lu Xianping, the president of company: the cost is about 10 years of research and development time, and the research and development cost is nearly 1 billion dollars or more.


T-cell lymphoma is a highly malignant tumor. The number of incipient and recurrent cases of this disease in our country is about 50,000 each year, and the five-year survival rate is only 25 %. So, what is the difference between Chidamide, which inhibits the spread and metastasis of tumor cells, and other anti-cancer drugs? What is Chidamide's anti-cancer principle? Lu Xianping told reporters that in hundreds of thousands of experiments, they discovered a high molecular substance, enzyme, and almost all cell activities required the participation of enzyme. By precisely controlling the four enzymes closely related to the activity of tumor cells, Chidamide could activate the immune function of anti-tumor cells in human body and control tumor recurrence and metastasis.


China's original anti-cancer drug Chidamide, which has independent intellectual property rights, was successfully listed in our country, breaking the pattern that anti-cancer drugs were dominated by foreign drug companies. As soon as the news of China's successful independent research and development of anti-cancer drugs was released, it attracted the attention of the whole world. Time, Forbes and other magazines devoted a lot of space to reporting. Chidamide has also become the first original new drugs to authorize for patent use in the United States and other developed countries. 14 years ago, China had the largest number of pharmaceutical enterprises in the world, reaching more than 7,000. Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises have the highest formulation production capacity in the world and the second highest production capacity in the world for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), but their profitability stays very low. The reason lies in more imitation and lack of innovation.


During the interview, the reporter of CCTV finance and economics "Economy 30 minutes" learned that only three enterprises in the world, including CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES, were producing similar drugs of HDAC inhibitor, of which two were in the United States, and the monthly treatment cost was 280,000 yuan and 140,000 yuan respectively. In contrast, the monthly fee in Chidamide is only about RMB 20,000. Now, the clinical trial of Chidamide targeting breast cancer has entered the third phase. Once approved, its legend will be continued.


Half-hour observation: according to the survey of the health planning commission, there are currently about 3.12 million new cancer cases in our country each year, with an average of 8550 people diagnosed every day, 6 people diagnosed with cancer every minute, 1 person diagnosed in an average of 10 seconds, and 2.7 million deaths due to cancer every year. Scientists around the world are making continuous efforts to conquer cancer, the worldwide problem. February 4 is World Cancer Day. The theme this year is cancer prevention and control goals, and it is not far away. Cancer prevention and control is a very difficult task. In order to further strengthen the guidance of the entire prevention and control work, the national health and family planning commission is studying and formulating a mid-term and long-term prevention and control plan for cancer prevention and control for 2016-2025. Based on scientific evaluation, we should intensify the promotion of early cancer screening, intervention and appropriate technologies that are cost-effective so that more people can benefit from them.

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