Headline of the news broadcast "Leading scientific and technological innovation in China" Lu Xianping: produce a life-saving medicine affordable to the common people

May 22,2015

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Malignant tumors are the biggest enemies of human health. They are usually either insufficiently effective or affordable. After ten years of research and development, a new drug that can "kill" tumor cells accurately came into being and became the first original new drug authorized by our country to the United States and other developed countries. Its developer is Lu Xianping, the leading scientist in new drug research and development in our country. He said that what he wanted to do was not only a new drug, but also to make it a life-saving drug that people could afford.

 Lu Xianping, 52, new drug research and development scientist, President of Chipscreen Biosciences


Lu Xianping, 52, has been tackling key problems for ten years. He led the team to develop China's first original chemical named Chidamide, which brings new hope to patients with malignant lymphoma.


The development and marketing of a new drug usually requires more than five years of clinical trials. Eight years ago, when Chidamide was just used in clinic, he won a battle against cancer. That year, Shi Lei, 66, was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. The number of incipient and recurrent cases of this disease in our country was about 50,000 each year, and the five-year survival rate was only 25 %, while the diagnosis of Shi Lei had reached the advanced stage.


Cancer cells were still growing crazily. Just then, Chidamide developed by Lu Xianping entered the clinical stage.


When it comes to Chidamide's anti-cancer principle, it is necessary to mention a high molecular substance-enzymes. Almost all cell activities require the participation of enzymes. By precisely controlling the four enzymes closely related to the activity of tumor cells, Chidamide can activate the immune function of anti-tumor cells in the human body and control the recurrence and metastasis of tumors.


Chidamide played an extraordinary role in Shi Lei. After a period of treatment, he began to recover.



According to the international practice, the research and development of a new drug takes about ten years on average and costs about one billion dollars. The development and marketing of a new drug usually require complicated clinical trials. After tens of thousands of experiments in 12 years, Chidamide, the first original chemical in China, was officially launched in March this year. The huge development cost has set the monthly treatment cost for this new drug at 26,000 yuan. Although it is only equivalent to 1/10 of the price of similar drugs in the United States, it is still out of reach for many patients from poor families.


In Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, this young man, who was in his prime, was diagnosed with late T-cell lymphoma when preparing for the college entrance examination two years ago, which dealt a heavy blow to this family receiving subsistence allowances with only a few hundred yuan in income monthly.


At this time, in Shenzhen, Lu Xianping made a decision to treat 40 patients receiving subsistence allowances free of charge every year. This meant that the company would lose 12 million yuan of sales revenue every year. Investors strongly opposed it, but Lu Xianping had his own insistence.


Lu Xianping, new drug research and development scientist, the president of Chipscreen Biosciences: If he is a patient and we are aware that the use of this medicine can prolong his lifespan for many years, but he has no money and cannot afford it, we cannot stop him from using it. For us, we cannot do it.


Lu Xianping's decision has revived Yu Haoran, who is thousands of miles away and on the verge of life and death.


In the past, there were only a few new drugs created by China and recognized by the world. The successful research and development of Chidamide has also become the first original new drug authorized for patent use in developed countries such as the United States and Japan.


Lu Xianping, new drug research and development scientist, President of Chipscreen Biosciences: The reason why we come back to start a business is to enable Chinese patients to use the latest innovative drugs in the world and to help them. I feel a strong sense of satisfaction.

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